January - Mississippi Centers for Autism and Related Developmental Disabilities

Donna Joachim, Director of Education and Outreach
January 16, 2017 at 5:30 PM
Jackson-George Co. Regional Library - Lucedale Branch Meeting Room
507 Oak Street, Lucedale, MS  39452

Mississippi Center for Autism and Related Developmental Disabilities (MCARDD) is committed to improving the way children are identified, assessed, and diagnosed and providing advanced tools for treating those with ASD.  In this vision for Mississippians impacted by autism, early intervention is a key focus in treatment offered by MCARDD.  Furthermore, there is a passion and drive to increase awareness of ASD for physicians, educators, health care providers, families and friends.

Upon request, the school system cooperates with community organizations to assist them with communication to students and parents by allowing distribution of literature and other materials to students and parents informing them of local community activities that are in no way associated with the school system.  We encourage our students to be active members of our community and want them to be informed of all opportunities available to them.  However, the George County School System does not endorse any of these outside organizations, and this organization is in no way affiliated with eh George County school System.