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Welcome to the George County School District


Mission Statement:

The mission of the George County School District in collaborative partnerships with family and

community is to deliver the highest quality educational experience in a safe learning environment.

Stakeholders will empower students to become successful graduates and productive global citizens

through relevant and rigorous curriculum with a focus on critical thinking and effective

communication skills essential to be college and career ready.

Accountability Results
George County Handbooks
LOOK Parents!
  • Parent Activity Calendars & Newsletters
            Parent Involvement Matters!   

    These activity calendars and newsletters offer guidance on how to get involved in your student's education!

FREE Breakfast for ALL Students
  • ~NEW~

    The GCSD has qualified for ALL students to receive FREE Breakfast for the 2016-2017 school year!  No application is necessary for students to receive free breakfast.  However, all parents should complete the online application for lunch approval.